Springtime herb garden

Your Successful Florida Garden

Welcome to the Florida Gardening challenge. We have sandy soils, water restrictions, more than 300 days of bright sunshine, and five months when the temperature climbs to or exceeds 90 degrees.

Spring is our best growing season in our state, but you certainly can build gorgeous gardens and lawns to enjoy all year long. In fact, that is our goal. It will just take a little knowledge.

Ornamental flowers, summer vegetables, and herbs are enjoying their best growth right now. The mild daytime temperatures and the cool nights help get those gardens going, the bugs haven’t fully taken over, and there is time to get weeds under control.

Kids in the Garden

Teaching kids of garden shows them how food grows.

Creating a pineapple garden is a simple and cheap educational project. Pineapples love Florida’s sandy soil and require very little care.

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Nature’s Pesticide

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Ladybugs prey on soft-bodied insects especially those that tend to destroy crops and plants so gardeners love the introduction of these beetles to the garden. The North American ladybug pictured above is the seven-spotted lady beetle whose red color warns predators not to eat her.

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Shelby Gardens in Sarasota

A Secret Garden

Florida is home to many beautiful public gardens that celebrate the natural plants and waterways of our state. These wonderful resources often host educational programs and plant sales to support their mission. Many locations also participate in an exchange program where membership at one will get you admission to others!

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Downtown Sarasota
1534 Mound Street
Sarasota, FL 34236
Contact: 941.366.5731
Open 10am – 5pm daily

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